Monday, April 04, 2005

Late Night Blog

I should be in bed, and will be again soon. But just had a conversation with a friend, and it was something I needed. Can't really explain why. Just -- yeah. Sometimes there's peeps that support you in those small but huge ways. I seem to be blessed with those folks right now, and the conversation tonight was like that. Nothing earth-shaking, just that bit of something that says you matter in this cosmos. And it's not like a poof of magic and wow, everything is okay. But you can wrap your head around okay. You can see yourself getting there.

Maybe that's the most precious thing we do for each other sometimes -- let each other know that there is an end to the pain, or a way past it, or a way to not let it take your life over so that you can still find joy. To just remind each other that there's something more.


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