Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Strang Conversations Overheard at Albertson's

Had to get cat food after work. Very tired. It's possible, really, that I hallucinated these conversations. But I don't think so.

First conversation, overheard while waiting in the Express Checkout:

First Man: I just don't understand why God has kept me alive in this World of Sin.
Second Man: Hell, if it hadn't been for sin I would've commited suicide a long time ago.

Second conversation, overheard while unlocking my bike after leaving store:

First man: Cuz, you know, it's like the fucking Man, man, and I was like involved in this shit, all revolution and anti-Man, because fuck it, the Man is the Man, you know?
Second man: Hell yeah, fuck the man, because you just gotta stand up and say fuck you, man.

I think you will admit the first conversation is, frankly, brilliant.

All this after, mind you, I got treated to a nice but slightly bizarre man at the bike racks when I arrived at the store who kept talking about how dangerous it apparently can be for us bikers, and how his ticket could be punched like *snap* THIS, any second, just like that, number up. Hell, he might get hit by a truck on the way home just like *snap* that.

Was it a full moon at Albertson's? Does it maybe have its own moon cycle?


At 1:08 pm, Anonymous melina said...

that was some time continuum/vortex you was caught in fo sho! i did like the first must've been practically doing a head scratch, like, "am i really hearing this right?" "is is the CAT FOOD?"

At 1:09 pm, Anonymous melina, again... said...

*is IT the cat food. dang. i'm exhausted and my hair is all wonky today!!!!

At 11:06 pm, Anonymous melina--thrice said...

dearest one...what is your AIM screen name? if you care to share,

happy weekend-time!

At 7:31 pm, Blogger Jessie Speer said...

You rock Greg! Keep on fighting the man!


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